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Welcome !!

Sanjeev Shah is one of the renowned computer teacher in kolkata with ten years of experience in teaching Computer Science/Application to the students of ICSE/ISC.

He is having deep knowledge of the current ICSE show me topics for ICSE /ISC curriculam show me topics for ISC

He is guiding all his students in every possible manner so that students can score excellent grades/ me students performances

With a long standing experience in offering quality computer education to students of various schools, he has already made a strong mark in computer teaching in kolkata.

Complete HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT Masterclass for web development

Web design is one of the top in demand skill that help you to build a great career and make you job ready.

Our Services

Web Designing

HTML 5 web component fundamntals.
CSS 3 Flexbox with real world projects.
Complete java script with animation effects.

Digital Marketing

Grow Your business Online, Make your product / service a Brand.

Sell your products / sevices online.

Java Blue J

Learn java from basic to advance using blue j environment.
Complete syllabus from class ix to xii (ISC).
Complete syllabus of Boolean Algebra