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"Programming is not easy to understand. It is very difficult to write programe"

This is what you have heard from most of the students who have had a hard time understanding programming.

But I tell you why they find it to be so difficult.This usually hapens because of lack of proper teaching skills.

Apart from this some teachers make this subject a burden for the students.

Many students switches to other subject from computer as they find this a burden rather than just a subject like any other subjects that they have got.

Actually, the fact is that Computer Application/Science is such an intresting that you will fall in love with it if you are taught this subject in the correct

way by the appropriate teachers who can make you understand.

You should learn programming not only as because you have to learn it,or because it is in your syllabus but you should learn it because it teaches you how to think.

As STEVE JOBS said "Everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think"

If you learn the skills of programming you can give your career an additional opportunity of self employment. Today many enterprenuers are computer programers.

For any queries, need or help in improving your skills in computer Application/Science feel free to contact.My contact detail is given below: