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Sanjeev Shah is one of the renowned computer teacher in kolkata with eight years of experience
in teaching Computer Science/Application to the students of ICSE/ISC.He is having deep knowledge of the current ICSE show me topics for ICSE /ISC curriculam
show me topics for ISC syllabus,according to that

he is guiding all his students in every possible manner so that students can score excellent
grades/ me students performances

World is changing as well as the way of learning.Online learning has been there
for quite sometime but now its importance has grown much more than ever before.

Sanjeev sir’s online classes using apps like zoom and google meet along
with explaination videos of each topic helps the students not only to understand
but to build their own concept.

From long time Sanjeev sir has been offering his in-depth education expertise as a java teacher,
guiding the students about all the complex aspects of the subject and making sure that students
perform well in examinations.

With a longstanding experience in offering quality computer education to students of various
schools, he has already made a strong mark in computer teaching in kolkata.

Whatever the needs of the students, Sanjeev sir is always ready to offer his services so, that
the students can develop a strong understanding about the subject matter.

Programming is difficult to understand

This is what all student think about programming

Student's performance

Over past few years result of the students who took classes from Sanjeev sir

Explanation videos through online classes

Sanjeev sir provides explanation videos made by him only during his online classes.

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